UE ROLL 2 Volcano Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

There are many advantages of owning portable Bluetooth speakers. The best thing is that you can connect them to various Bluetooth devices and enjoy good music on the go. A must-have quality of such speakers is an amazing sound. However, speakers that do not have a large frequency range, support various devices, or have a long battery life are not usable for a long time. One device that has all these features is the UE ROLL 2 Volcano Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Design and Features

Beginning the UE ROLL 2 Volcano Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker review, these portable speakers are delicately designed with a powerful sound. The maximum sound level of these speakers is 85 dBA. You can quickly connect them to your cell phone, laptop, or any other device that comes with Bluetooth connectivity. The frequency range of the speakers varies from 108 Hz to 20 kHz, which ensures that you get the best sound at a range of frequencies. The drivers included consist of two 3/4-inch tweeters and one 2-inch driver. One of the best parts about the speakers is that they are waterproof and IPX7 rated. Even if you keep the speakers under water for thirty minutes, you will notice that they will still be able to operate just as well.

They also support 3.5mm audio output so that you have a wider range of devices that can be connected to the speakers. There is a possibility of connecting the devices with up to 8 different Bluetooth supporting devices. It also allows you to connect two devices simultaneously. Even if you are 65 feet away from the speakers, it will remain connected to the Bluetooth and stream audio smoothly.

The speakers are rechargeable; simply plug them into a socket and recharge for a few hours, 5.5 hours to be exact, and you will have a full battery that lasts for at least nine hours. You can also charge the speakers with a USB charger. The battery life is dependent on the environmental conditions around you.

Performance and Quality

Do not be fooled by the size of these speakers as their sound is the exact opposite of it. These speakers are made up of top quality material that allows usage for an extended period. They are highly durable, which means that they will not break easily. The sound quality of the speakers is superb, and the connectivity does not get interrupted even if you are a long way apart. The speakers are compact and can easily be carried anywhere. They have been given a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and are reviewed as one of the best portable speakers you can purchase.


  • Comes with a headphone jack as well
  • You can simply connect it to your Bluetooth device
  • UE speakers can be linked to each other
  • Arrives in a variety of colors
  • Has a broad range of frequencies
  • Has an attachable bungee


  • Cannot be connected to devices that do not support Bluetooth
  • Takes a lot of time to recharge

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